Talk To Me 100 is ready to go out of the box. Powered by 3 AAA batteries, it weighs just one pound and measures less than 1 foot square.


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See the Talk To Me 100 ® in action!  Each video shows some of what Talk To Me 100 ® is capable of.  You can also view all Talk To Me 100 ® videos on our YouTube page! Talk To



Suggested activities for Talk To Me 100 ® interactions Getting dressed for the day. Mealtimes. Getting in and out of the car. Watching TV. Listening to music. Visiting family and friends. Cooking. Reading stories, singing songs, nursery rhymes. Playing with

Discover Talk To Me

Discover Talk To Me ®

What does Talk To Me 100 ® do? Talk To Me 100 ® provides a core vocabulary of high frequency use words easily accessible in all environments to those individuals needing verbal communication. There is no need for a computer,

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Sydney Birr TTM

Talk To Me 100 ® is dedicated to the memory of Matthew Stoltz and Jonathan Davis of Marion County Public Schools, Ocala, Florida. You live in the hearts of those who loved you. These two students, along with all those

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What our customers have to say

I demoed the Sydspeaks to a variety of people – teachers and outreach workers at a Rehab/training center in Tanzania, some parents, a large group at a training (I did a 4-day AAC/AT training in Mombasa – teachers, assessment teachers, SLPs, OTs and PTs). Your devices were a hit with everyone, mainly because of the value for the price they offered. They also liked the voice quality, the volume of the voice, and the simplicity of use. The last day of the training I had a drawing for two of the Sydspeaks and some other voice output devices that had been donated (single message and talking photo albums). The third Sydspeak I gave to the Mombasa Education Assessment Resource Center.

-Joanne Fry

I adore my Talk To Me 100. I think it is simple, approachable, user friendly, adaptable and highly functional. I am so excited to share it with my students, interns and colleagues. I have spent my entire career in early intervention and this is exactly the device I have envisioned using with the children. The pictures are perfect, the vocabulary is excellent and your directions to the parents on the back are so clear, plus the price is so affordable.

-Linda D. Speech Language Pathologist