Video review:

My daughter’s grandmother gave me and my baby a Talk To Me 100 ®.

It was light and simple. The first day we had it we mainly pushed and listened to her babble. Suddenly she said “Go”. That is an amazing word coming from a nine month old. Still, I was skeptical. I know my Mom said that an expert speech pathologist invented it.

Then I just played with her with it every once in a while. I became amazed. Today at one year four months our daughter loves her talk to me. She now is able to press and pick very fast the words she wants. She says words and pushes words. It is great fun. I very much enjoy having a beautiful baby that talks to me and everyone.

When I took anthropology courses it did seem that it does take a tribe. Kids used to be surrounded by lots of adults talking to them and watching them as entertainment. Modern life doesn’t offer that. This helps make up for that by giving a baby a help interacting with you and her world.

This is astounding. It turns out grandmother was right.

-Sarah Hettinger

“I demoed the Talk To Me 100 ® to a variety of people – teachers and outreach workers at a Rehab/training center in Tanzania, some parents, a large group at a training (I did a 4-day AAC/AT training in Mombasa – teachers, assessment teachers, SLPs, OTs and PTs). Your devices were a hit with everyone, mainly because of the value for the price they offered. They also liked the voice quality, the volume of the voice, and the simplicity of use. The last day of the training I had a drawing for two of the Talk To Me 100 ® and some other voice output devices that had been donated (single message and talking photo albums). The third Talk To Me 100 ® I gave to the Mombasa Education Assessment Resource Center.”

-Joanne Fry

“I adore my Talk To Me 100 ®. I think it is simple, approachable, user friendly, adaptable and highly functional. I am so excited to share it with my students, interns and colleagues. I have spent my entire career in early intervention and this is exactly the device I have envisioned using with the children. The pictures are perfect, the vocabulary is excellent and your directions to the parents on the back are so clear, plus the price is so affordable.”

-Linda D.
Speech Language Pathologist
Miami, Florida

“Wanted you to know- today J. was upset at the end of the day. Behaviors included hitting others, throwing/tearing objects and chair throwing. He refused to sit even with the picture icons. I was able to get him to sit and pulled out his Talk To Me. What I thought was the problem didn’t even really phase him. He communicated “silly”. Then we talked about good/bad choices. He communicated good and happy with the device. Then I asked him if he was ready for the bus and he said school. We were able to talk about it’s time to go home and he communicated “home”. He was able to communicate and the behaviors that usually took at least a 1/2 hour were significantly shortened to a couple of minutes. We are also observing him attempting to speak more.”

-Julie B.
Teacher/ASD unit
Ocala, FL

“I’ve been using the Talk To Me 100 ® with a variety of clients, and I’ll have to say that everyone I’ve used it with has been so motivated to communicate with the device. I find that many of my autistic clients are fascinated that they can say so much with it. Of course, I guide them with partial physical prompts when they’re starting out…and after the message is completed (e.g. I want go home), they look at me and smile and nod their heads as if they’re agreeing with what they had just communicated to me.”

-Eddie Y.
Speech Pathologist
Brooklyn, N.Y.